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Service Offerings

Service Offerings

Digital Cable Services

set top box, satellite tv, digital channelsOver 150 Digital Channels
Get more movies, sports, cultural programming and classics, like you've never had before.

Movie Zone
Enjoy your favorite movies, series and special events available on our channels in crystal clear digital picture and sound.

Digital quality picture and sound
Our network sets a new standard in video and audio delivery to the home. See digital crispness. Hear digital clarity. Whether you connect your Digital Cable through a home theater system, or simply through an ordinary television, you'll appreciate the difference digital quality makes. And you'll enjoy it without the weather interference problems of satellite services.

No unsightly dish or weather interference
Solo Media Group is hardwired right into your home through your existing Cable connection for consistently clear viewing, unlike satellite dishes, which are affected by weather conditions. Plus, you won't have to install an unsightly dish on your home.

Fully-interactive channel guide
Our easy-to-use, on-screen Interactive Channel Guide puts you in the driver's seat with control and convenience. It's totally customizable to your viewing lifestyle and offers incredible search flexibility. You can scan the schedule for all listings and descriptions for the next three days. Search by time, by program type, by channel type. Find any program easily and quickly by punching in the first few letters of the title. Browse other channel listings without missing a second of the program you are watching. You can even set reminders for later in the day or week, so you never forget to catch your favorite show.

Solo Media Group can bring flexibility in the design of pay channel packages. Together we can create packages based on the requirement and our association can be mutually beneficial and value adding in terms of price and service offering. However, Solo Media Group reserves the final right of designing & implementing the pay channel package.

In light of this, if you want to be part of Solo Media Group family please call now on 021-35304490 or email support@solomedia.pk.

Set Top Box, Satellite TV, Digital Channels

Main features of STB:

  • Digital TV & Radio Mode
  • Offering 150 Digital TV & Radio Channels
  • Favorite Channel Selection and Management
  • Support for GUIDE, Information Bar, and OSD displays
  • Program Reminder Function
  • Volume Offset for each channel
  • Parental Control Function
  • Guide (Electronic Program Guide): This provides the list of events on all channels for a duration of 7 days.
  • Multifunction timer for Different Channels & STB ON timer on any specific channel
    The 'Set-Top Box' Main Menu represents the user with various options to enable them to watch subscribed services and various value added services (VAS).
    The “My Settings” Menu should provide the user the following sub-menu options:
    Parental Control - Parents should be able to lock channels using a unique four digit code. Only they should have privileged access to these channels using the code.
  • Audio Settings
  • Video Settings
  • Interface Settings
  • Backup & Restore
  • Favorite

For future events there are four options available a) Set Reminder b)Tune Channel c) Set Recording d) Parental Lock

Help & FAQs

Miniguide - It is subset of GUIDE, created to hide or add certain features. It replicates the Guide Time Stamps, Date, More Info and representation of related icons is concerned. Only “Channels List” is shortened down apart from recordings and reminders .User can also add selected channel to FAV and shall able to change the language of audio and subtitle

Channel List

Quick search - Quick Jump is currently there on our and other STB box. This Quick Search is only added feature to it. On Live TV, If you want to jump on any other channel, viewer has to directly enter number with help of numerical pad present on RCU and depend on its validity that channel is tuned.

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